About Izmal


Name : Noor Izmal Mukhriz Ismail
Post/Title: Manager/Senior Environment Artist/Lead Artist
Location : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Industry : Branding, Media, Game Development, Animation & Virtual Reality

Work experience
Game Studios : Codemasters Studios, Big Ant StudiosAeonsparx Interactive
Production Studios : Schawk Backbone Entertainment
Academic Tutor : Cosmopoint, Open University, Adcom

Izmal Mukhriz is a game enthusiast who pays full attention to details in work, landing him several awards. Being exposed to the gaming industry for too long, his passion grew from a 3D animator on Malaysia Airlines (MAS) computer based training engineering system project to education sector tutoring in multimedia/3d application in a local college and he soon expanded his career from game education to game engine development, thus joining a local University to create a development team for research & development in games. His 5 years of work working in Codemasters Studios (British leading game studios) credited him with award wining video games and also landed him at Big Ant Studios (Australia game Studio) as a Senior Game/Lead Artist. Currently, he manage more than 50 staff as 3D Manager in one of the largest global cross-media company called Schawk which is a part of SGK, a division of Matthews International Corporation.
Izmal received high recognition from Ministry of Human Resource, Malaysia as Industry Expert in Video Games and 3D Printing Advocate from imaterialise (Belgium).

VIDEO GAME title involved/credited :

Racedriver : GRID (PS3, Xbox360,PC)
Collin McRae : DiRT 2 (PS3, Xbox360,PC)
F1 2010 (PS3, Xbox360,PC)
Bodycount (PS3, Xbox360,PC)
Operation Flashpoint 2 : Dragon Rising (PS3, Xbox360,PC)
Jumpgate Evolution (PS3, Xbox360,PC)
Masquerade: Baubles of Doom
(PS3, Xbox360)
Shinobi Inochi
(facebook stratergy game)

Animated Series involved/credited :

Jinggo – 3D Animated Series (2014) – adaptation from famous local comic GempakStarz
Call for Chi Chiunder development (expected 2017)


(British Academy of Film and Television Arts)
BAFTA Best Sports Game Awards 2009 – GRID
BAFTA Best Sports Game Awards 2011 – F1 2010



NATIONAL INDUSTRY EXPERTS by the Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia
(Pakar Industri Negara oleh Kementerian Sumber Manusia, Malaysia – NOSS)

3D DESIGN ADVOCATE by UCT and i.materialise
(3d design competition campaign in South East Asia)

Available for Professional Freelance or Outsourcing Services:

  • Character/Organic Game Art (modeling, texturing, skinning, rigging, animation)
  • Hard surface/Vehicles/Assets/Props Game Art (modeling, texturing, uv, shaders)
  • Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality
  • 3D Product Visualization, Architecture Rendering & Indie Games Development 
  • Tutoring & Personal Training/Consultation 
  • 3D Printing, Multimedia Presentation, Video Editing & Augmented Reality
Others online involvement:

3D Forum Moderator :
3dm3.com – International online community & 3d model bank 
Pergh.com – Malaysia’s comic & multimedia community 

email me for more inquiry :  izmalsk8@gmail.com / izmalsk8@hotmail.com 
contact number:
email me for my contact number