About Izmal


Name : Noor Izmal Mukhriz Ismail
Post/Title: Manager/Senior Environment Artist/Lead Artist
Location : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Industry : Branding, Media, Game Development, Animation & Virtual Reality

Work experience
Game Studios : Codemasters Studios, Big Ant StudiosAeonsparx Interactive
Production Studios : Schawk Backbone Entertainment
Academic Tutor : Cosmopoint, Open University, Adcom

Izmal Mukhriz is a game enthusiast who pays full attention to details in work, landing him several awards. Being exposed to the gaming industry for too long, his passion grew from a 3D animator on Malaysia Airlines (MAS) computer based training engineering system project to education sector tutoring in multimedia/3d application in a local college and he soon expanded his career from game education to game engine development, thus joining a local University to create a development team for research & development in games. His 5 years of work working in Codemasters Studios (British leading game studios)credited him with award wining video games and also landed him at Big Ant Studios (Australia game Studio) as a Senior Game/Lead Artist. Received recognition from Ministry of Human Resource, Malaysia as Industry Expert in Video Games and 3D Printing Advocate from imaterialise (Belgium).

VIDEO GAME title involved/credited :

Racedriver : GRID (PS3, Xbox360,PC)
Collin McRae : DiRT 2 (PS3, Xbox360,PC)
F1 2010 (PS3, Xbox360,PC)
Bodycount (PS3, Xbox360,PC)
Operation Flashpoint 2 : Dragon Rising (PS3, Xbox360,PC)
Jumpgate Evolution (PS3, Xbox360,PC)
Masquerade: Baubles of Doom
(PS3, Xbox360)
Shinobi Inochi
(facebook stratergy game)

Animated Series involved/credited :

Jinggo – 3D Animated Series (2014) – adaptation from famous local comic GempakStarz
Call for Chi Chiunder development (expected 2017)


(British Academy of Film and Television Arts)
BAFTA Best Sports Game Awards 2009 – GRID
BAFTA Best Sports Game Awards 2011 – F1 2010



NATIONAL INDUSTRY EXPERTS by the Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia
(Pakar Industri Negara oleh Kementerian Sumber Manusia, Malaysia – NOSS)

3D DESIGN ADVOCATE by UCT and i.materialise
(3d design competition campaign in South East Asia)

Available for Professional Freelance Services:

  • Character/Organic Game Art (modeling, texturing, skinning, rigging, animation)
  • Hard surface/Vehicles/Assets/Props Game Art (modeling, texturing, uv, shaders)
  • Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality
  • 3D Product Visualization, Architecture Rendering & Indie Games Development 
  • Tutoring & Personal Training/Consultation 
  • 3D Printing, Multimedia Presentation, Video Editing & Augmented Reality
Others online involvement:

3D Forum Moderator :
3dm3.com – International online community & 3d model bank 
Pergh.com – Malaysia’s comic & multimedia community 

email me for more inquiry :  izmalsk8@gmail.com / izmalsk8@hotmail.com 
contact number:
email me for my contact number