UCT & imaterialise largest 3D printing Southeast Asia
10 Oct. 2015

UCT & imaterialise largest 3D printing Southeast Asia

I am honoured to be invited for the launch of Southeast Asia Largest 3D Printing Facility in Singapore. Being their advocates and judging panel for 3D print design competition, they also manage to gathered 3D print designers from different background(industry) such as fashion, industrial, engineering, game, medical and more around Southeast Asia on the event.

Ultra Clean Asia Pacific (UCT) is a Nasdaq-listed company with an excellent reputation and experience in commercial 3D printing while in December 2014, they also founded a partnership with Belgian giants i.materialise. Asian-based customers who purchase from i.materialise will receive their 3D printed products from DSC09117Singapore instead of delivering them from the other side of the world. UCT Additive Manufacturing Center will target business sectors such as aerospace, dental and medical, among others. Not only can the facility offer services that allow for 3D printing with metal finishes like gold, silver, ceramic, but they offer a total of 17 different options for materials in 3D printing. For individuals and smaller firms that are clients, UCT directs them to i.materialise, where they can upload their 3D models and allow the Belgium-based 3D printing service printing bureau to fulfill their needs.

It was a pleasant visit to Singapore and I could not be more amazed with the 3D printing industry nowadays. Although, haze did not effect much as for UTC have done a good job entertaining us advocates and 3d printing winners through out their facilities. The day before the launch, we had dinner on top of Marina Bay Sands with Senior Vice President, Mr Lavi Lav.

More review coming soon ~

*related news – http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/largest-3d-printing/2155240.html





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