Angry Birds Motor – DTM 150
06 Jun. 2012

Angry Birds Motor – DTM 150

The angry birds fever is so not over here in Malaysia, everywhere i go there are selling all kind of plush toy & everything including underwear/boxers..(yes!its true folks). i don’t understand why but everybody likes it that much?. Well, if you cant beat them..join them. I decided to make my motorbike decal to angry birds (moon cake festival theme) and this is what i get ~
Why angry birds theme u ask? its creative & revolutionized mobile casual game to a life style…can u top that?salute!
Anyway, its related to what i i contribute to the game industry ~

Taaddaaa…my angry birds motorbike ( scrambler DTM 150 )













Trophies that i won so far with my angry birds motorbike..more to come ~

3D model of angry birds theme motorbike (DTM 150) by izmal mukhriz 

demak DTM 150 malaysia

angry birds motorbike 3D



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3 Responses

  1. Rasyid says:

    bro ko pakai bajak apa? bleh bagitahu tak modifikasi yang dah dibuat

  2. Izmal says:

    aku pakai bajak panther..tapi kena modify sikit la.. 🙂
    takat ni modifikasi lever adjustable, sport rim tzm(modify), custom seat, headlamp alien, led rear break, extra led light, ekzos takim(akan tukar), decal custom from edt gfx, fatbar dod, dan macam2 lagi…~

  3. kubersatu says:

    front fender ape tu bro ??

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