MASQUERADE : Baubles of Doom game
06 Jun. 2014

MASQUERADE : Baubles of Doom game

It has been awhile waiting for this game to be release; a game that i worked on. I found this few artwork online and decide to give a preview of what to expect from this game. Its an honor working with Big Ants Studios team in PJ…especially to develop this game which integrate 2d cut scene & 3d game play is a challenge for me. Working experience with Codemasters before, makes me more versatile to do animated cartoon style/action adventure game. Currently, i expand my knowledge from photoreal games (codies racing game), cartoon game to animated series. The path i choose is related because its my passion…~

Episode 1: Baubles of Doom (April 2016)

Pre-Orders: 1st April

Release: 20th April

Platforms: PS4, XB1, PC, Xbox360, PS3


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  1. Neddy Nuts says:

    nice game…nice design.. nice job.. keep up the good works.. 🙂

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